6 to 8 weeks: Physical Exam, 1st DHP-PV (no Leptospirosis) vaccine, Fecal Test, Deworm, and prescribe Heartworm & Flea Prevention.
**Preventatives are ongoing once monthly for the life span of your pet.
11 to 12 weeks: Physical Exam, 2nd DHP-PV vaccine, 1st Leptospirosis vaccine, 1st Canine Influenza, and deworming.
**The first Leptospirosis shot in a combination vaccine with the 2nd DHP-PV
15 to 16 weeks: Physical Exam, Rabies vaccine, 3rd DHP-PV vaccine, 2nd Leptospirosis (DHLP-PV) vaccine, 2nd Canine Influenza, and Fecal Test
4 to 6 months: Spay or Neuter, Microchip

*Please note that we do not consider Canine Influenza a core vaccination but many groomers, and boarding facilities will require it.