The following is our protocol at this time:

  1. All clients are going to be sent the admitting form- this will limit the face to face interaction with technician/doctor time with each client.
  2. With the admitting form filled out the Doctors and technicians will review your information.
  3. We ask that you call when you pull in and let us know your location.
  4.  We ask you to place the carrier outside of their car so we can retrieve the patient. If you have a dog, we ask that you hand the leash and stay arms length apart. 
  5. We are going to preform the exam and will have the Doctor call with their plan-confirm treatments and medications to be filled. 
  6. Clients then can pay over the phone.
  7. Pet is then brought out to client.
Phone consultation will be a case by case situation.
We will still send an admitting form to be filled out. The Doctor will review the form and decide dependent on the description of of each case whether or not a phone consultation is appropriate.
If a consultation is approved there is an $45.00 fee. If the request is denied we will need to schedule an appointment to drop off your pet.

*** Clients are welcome to drop off samples at the front door as well as pick up medication and food, please call when you are here***

Please if you have any concerns contact our manager Lenore and she will be more than happy to answer your questions!